Eating time, while we could still sit at the table.

Dancing time, the one who cannot sit anymore usually stands up and moves according to the current rhythm :-)

Potatoes are taking a hot bath, a first step towards their destiny tonight. Not that the hot bath is bad, many of us would like it as well, so nice, relaxing, but none of us would like to end up where potatoes will...
...on this table. Set up to make your mouth water, a gourmet's dream, a hungry man's paradise, a dietbane for those with the overweight complexes :-)
The bunch is there, taking the first drink. Their hunger is high, which was a proven fact as soon I placed some fingerfood within their reach. It took them less than a moment to consume it restlessly. Nwo their patience is being tested by those who are still missing.
"Excuse me, Ludwig, what are you holding that dildo for? Will it be joy, or will it be sorrow, that you would bring us in a moment? Better put it down and hide it away before you are noticed."
"Hm... let's forget that. I'll better have a drink now. See what do we have here."
A lot we have here!
"Come on, darling, pour yourself an ale, I'll cut the cheese with this cheesecutter's dream device we have here."

"Hey, Hilly, do you see that there?"
"What? What is there?"
"That there, see? That right there."
"Say, you must be bored to death tonight, yes? You poor sod."
"You mean, you don't see it, no?"
"Well, all I see, when I risk a glimpse between these bottles, is an incarnation of Dr. Jörg, trying to penetrate my barriers and win my attention for some reason. Perhaps he has put himself on a quest for a mate, or something else, in any case he could have invented more appealing a story."
"And that is to be funny now, eh? Look at this one, she is about to pop!"
"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hihihihihihi!"
"Hey, now serious, I see no fun in what you laugh about. I shall overhear your remarks and continue cutting this piece of soft meat... I imagine... the piece of meat which grows and shrinks according to my demands... barbecued... eaten... put to its best use..."
Eh? What are you cuttin'?
"Hehehehehehe, darling, have no fear, it is the common food I consume, I would not relieve you from your manhood, not while I need it still!"

"Oh, okay, I just feared the worst for a moment."
"You wouldn't think about doing something like that, darling, is that so? Eh?"

"Hehehe, that depends entirely on what you define the best use of your male spot to be, my dear Ludwig. Put it to wrong use and I shall be the one who cuts the meat at the roots."
"Would you please stop holding the other girl's hand?"
"Well, that remark was placed well. If he still dares to test her patience, after all these rather serious threats, may it be his fault if he earns himself a cutoff."
"Yes! I'll drink to that!"
"All that meat... you should try eating it instead of putting your jokes upon it. It is really good... yam yam."
"Gotta sniff something to catalyse all that."