Eating time, while we could still sit at the table.

Dancing time, the one who cannot sit anymore usually stands up and moves according to the current rhythm :-)

"Here I sit alone, in the candle light. You might ask yourself where my Lady has gone? Well she is..."
"...right there, in the bathroom, at the place where she can find some of the privacy she needs and perhaps some time to plot another attack upon my manhood, thing she enjoys more than she should."
"What are you mummling about, my dear? Should I turn you to the right direction? Yes?"
... and we haven't seen them again this night!
Oh, yes, yes, yes! Wanna dance?
If you like this photo, Alex, then I made it. If you don't, then I didn't, and I don't know who did :-)
"Gods! That is a pleasant view! Could you shake a bit to the left, then a bit to the right, perhaps a bit up and a bit down... you know."
And there she bit her lip and felt embarrased for a time... wow, eh?
ehem... what I want to say now... I better keep it for myself.
"Must I like all this?"
"Hey, I was just joking, hold your fears, it's just a party, you know? fun, dance, drink, cheer and stuff..."

"Okay, I know, It's okay, go away :-)"
"What are those two mummling about? Men talk again?"

"What else? You don't think them capable of any serious intelectual discussion, don't you? They should be happy they still hold what should have been cut allready by all standards."
"Right you are! Their themes let us bang heads in peace! Bang!"
"What she can do, I can do as well!"
"How about changing the music?"
"Do what you please, I can now bang to anything!"
"Still I miss my Pfännchen, it was so full, so inviting..."
Well, that mekes me go red and evil!

Marry Christmas and happy New Year, friends, may the days like these never end up forgotten.