EALP is an algorithm for allocating goods purchased at different market prices between different customers, or different accounts of the same customer, so that the average prices remain as close to each other as possible.

Dont ask me what EALP stands for, I forgot that long ago, if I ever knew it at all. It sounded apropriate at the relevant time and now it is just a tradition. Names do not need meanings, do they?

You can view or download the EALP article in PDF format. An implementation of EALP in C is also available for download.

The article about EALP design has originally been written using LaTeX and I haven't shown the wits to produce a differently formatted version so far. The point is that I needed to typeset mathematical formulae and since common browsers still don't support much MathML, I see no easy way to convert everything to HTML and preserve the overall site design rules. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EALP article in PDF format and an implementation in C (HTTP)
EALP article in PDF format and an implementation in C (FTP)
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