red night party

Decoration, setting up the rooms on the day before.
Beginnings, guests are slowly appearing.
Mafia knocks at the door.
Pre-Midnite, the hours before midnight.
Midnite, the midnight hour.
Post-Midnite, the hours after midnight.
Danceout, last bytes of the memory stick.
Startpage, where the story begins.
Doctor Hep's Photos, this party by another photographer.
Of course, few preparations still need to be done. Lady Katja is preparing the fish for the overall consume. Does it look tasty? Does it need to be tested on someone unimportant before eating it? Let's give it a closer glance.

Well, it has a decorative touch, eh? Put in a row, one after another, so you can simply take the plate, raise it to your mouth and let the content roll down your throat until it bounces off something, is that the thought behind?

Now comes another layer on top! Hurry, hurry, the guests are coming any minute. Noone will appreciate the party without that fish.

"Absolutely! A Soviet Party without fish is like a breeding bull without balls. I can't have enough, fish, fish, fish. That's it."

"And how is the taste? Oh, don't tell me, I shouldn't have asked that, my mistake. As if you knew what you are eating."

How does she feel while doing that? Let's have a glance from her perspective. Mmmm, what a sauce! I hope it won't be served with the fish, eh?

Our host and his first adviser are holding an introductory conversation, discussing details of the comming fest and while at it, they are tasting the drinks, after all, each and every must be checked for seamless quality before it is handed over to the guests.

The rare Lady Colonel Zlatkow is about to taste the welcome cocktail. I see three days on bread and water for the barkeeper if he mismixed it.

"Hehehe.. Colonel Reny... Hihihihihihihi! That's a cool cap! ...Colonel! Hihihihihi!"

"You have none, you have none! Beeeeeeh!"

"Hey, what a cool cap! Soviet Mayor, Colonel... whatever. But still... don't you think that is too intensive for a light masquerade?"

"You have a mirror at home, no?"

"I don't believe that masquerade can ever get too intensive. I suggest Ladies get themselves a drink, it will support your optimism."

"I think they should not be arguing about these things, they are all nice."

"Can you speak louder, Deen? I hear bad on this ear."

"Then I wonder where is the point in speaking to you at all? A wall would hear as much even when covered with the tapestries, as it is. I'll get myself some wodka, I feel it's about time."