red night party

Decoration, setting up the rooms on the day before.
Beginnings, guests are slowly appearing.
Mafia knocks at the door.
Pre-Midnite, the hours before midnight.
Midnite, the midnight hour.
Post-Midnite, the hours after midnight.
Danceout, last bytes of the memory stick.
Startpage, where the story begins.
Doctor Hep's Photos, this party by another photographer.

The party is tomorrow and we are all excited, eh? What remains is to set up the stage for the next evening. That we shall do tonight.

..or that they will do tonight. I'll hide behind this plant and watch them go. Someone must document all of it photographically, that excuses me from having to labor on the room setup, no?

These glasses belong to Deen and we shall all have his wrath when the party is over and over a half is missing. I will manage not to be there when the glass remains are returned to him :-)

There is the Trinkgeld. It looks like a real paper on this picture, just like it did when I ordered it. It is however something else and those more involved will know better ;-)

There we have food. Mmmm... looks nice, eh? The desire to poke overcomes me as I look at it. Spoon, anyone?

"Is there a reason not to drink something right away? A small Kölsch won't hurt, there will be enough left for the party."

"No, there is no reason not to drink something right away. But damn me if I take Kölsch, now or at the party."

What the hell are they discussing now? At least two seem to drink in any case.

Wonder if it fits? Well if you continue stretching it that way, it will be just your fit soon.

The Kölschbringer, the Lord of the Even Edges, the Tesa Master is applying tapestries to the great wall.

Na? Does it fit? Is it straight?

A bit to the left, a little bit down,
For this masterwork, we'll get the crown.

Wall decoration represented by the geographic chart of the former Soviet Union is being applied, but...

...since a man cannot do it alone without messing up, a woman must intervene to save things from ruin.

"Where is the red bulb? Has someone seen the red bulb? The lights must fit as well, your tapestries don't make it up alone."

Our host Robin has new plants. The big one in the corner will contribute to the overall enjunglement (is there such word?) of the room.

The rare Lady Reny has applied her masterful drawing to the wall tapestries. Look at that grand picture! It represents a soviet pioneer badge, slightly modified to fit our needs. Great work!

Man, is that good! Let's take a look again!

Side-view of the grand picture and the plant reveals nothing special, but since the photo is available, here it is.

"Done guys! Wanna drive home now! See you tomorrow!"

"Michael, chill down, you are squeezing my breasts."