red night party

Decoration, setting up the rooms on the day before.
Beginnings, guests are slowly appearing.
Mafia knocks at the door.
Pre-Midnite, the hours before midnight.
Midnite, the midnight hour.
Post-Midnite, the hours after midnight.
Danceout, last bytes of the memory stick.
Startpage, where the story begins.
Doctor Hep's Photos, this party by another photographer.
The folk is leading a lively discussion by now. The more they drain our alcohol supplies, the more lively a discussion they lead.

Few degrees to the right, something else is happening, let's swing the camera into that direction...

...there is Joachim, his eyes locked upon the laughing Lady in the middle. What will happen next? Will he bring the courage to approach her? Will she respond to his angagement? We shall see, we shall see!

And there he is! He pushes the others aside, takes her hand and speaks the rhymes of love! We are now burning to discover how this goes on. Bear with us!

Lady Kim observes the situation with interest, while her Mayor Ulf cares for nothing beyond his Borschtsch portion and asks himself why he should.

A happy pair in the corner has its own little world. But, we are a penetrating lot and won't let their display end in this sweet picture. We want more... and we shall get more!

"Wait... you have something on your lip... let me remove it... Gods, what have you eaten? It's sticky... Beeeh!"

Lets examine the results of Joachim's efforts...

"Loved one, I am yours forever, but as HE touched my hand, my body responded, it went ablaze in a newborn energy! HIS touch, the sweet words HE spoke, I cannot stop thinking about it, it robs me of reason!"

"Ihihihhh, it prickles in my belly! Spasm after spasm shakes my knees, I cannot describe it!"

"You can't be serious about that."

"But I am serious! How can I explain? It really had the effect... He took this hand of mine and I don't know what happened, it is not my fault, I cannot control that! The way he came, pushed all aside just to take my hand and... I don't know!"

"Who can, he can!"


I be damned, it is about time I go and get myself a drink as well! I am going to pass on the lack of alcohol!

At some point you'll notice that Kölsch is getting less and less as the time passes. People seem to notice, it is a nice beer. Full taste, full headache potential, cute red bottle necks. Red bottle necks, remember!

This is how red get those who bring Kösch for the public consume in these areas. That beer may be good or not at its origin, but here... It even manages to bring its own master into the bed for a day and a half.

This is how men who drink too much of it act after a while.

This is how women who drink too much of it react when they see the performance of the men who have drunk too much of it.

Uh oh... ts ts ts...

"Oh my... pffffff... oh... that's a relief, I can tell you... ooooooooooooo, burdens gone, from my throne, God, what a relief!..."

"Now, where's the toilette paper? ... Aha... what the heck...?! Dollars?? What in God's n... ah, damn it!"

Hey, can you give it a slight hurry, eh? There are more of us who need to relieve ourselves in that very hole, man! Get done and be gone!

Heeeeey, wait for your turn, man! I am the next to take a pee! Have some patience, will ya?

Just outside the restroom...

"Hihihihi, how many are in there? They'll fight for the bowl in a minute!"

"I hope the bowl will win! Damn standpissers, once they visit these rooms, you can seal them closed!"